Fishing With a Drone

Fishing With a Drone
RoboRod LLC, whose products marry the exciting technology of drones with traditional rod and reel sports fishing, has developed a drone fishing rod.

“It’s probably the biggest development in the fishing rod since the addition of the reel,” stated Paul Leslie, the company’s chief development officer.

The patent-pending RoboRod’s drone is guided by the angler using the controls on the front of the rod which allow the drone to reach places fishermen (and women) simply can’t by casting.

“We’ve exceeded our expectations in the prototype testing phase and now we’re ready to ramp up for commercial production. The buzz on the social networks is beyond encouraging,” continued Leslie.

Pre-orders with significant early bird discounts are now being accepted for the first production run, which is slated for delivery sometime in the third quarter of this year.

Generation Z is the recreational fisher and the the next generation’s answer to becoming fishing enthusiasts. More then just a fishing rod it’s a whole experience as the fisher uses the joystick to guide and accelerate the drone through the waters. When the moment is ripe you hit the control to drop the sinker from bottom of the drone into the water. If you don’t find fishing fun then you haven’t experienced RoboRod’s Generation Z. Let’s keep the next generation active in the sport we love.

The EXT will transform your fishing pole into a rod with a brain. As you guide the drone into the water you will have a whole world of live sensory feedback including a display where your lure position is right on the screen along with the water temperature and a dynamic moving sonar image giving you a real time picture of the scene below. The drone is able to move in patterns known to attract certain breeds of fish and the sinker line has built in action that may be triggered at will. When the fish bites your drone will quickly disconnect from the line and return home using its internal GPS guidance system. This is a tool that no angler should be without.

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