After the Finish Line: Looking After America’s Race Horses

After the Finish Line: Looking After America’s Race Horses

After the Finish Line: Looking After America’s Race Horses

After the Finish Line will provide funding assistance to rescue organizations across the United States to support the Thoroughbred racehorses in their care.

After the Finish Line will provide yearly grants and establish an Emergency Fund to assist horses as needed throughout the year. They take the responsibility seriously. After the Finish Line want to establish a loyal following of supporters who realize the significance of the work they do to help these horses. After the Finish Line’s credibility and reputation will enable them to increase the funds coming into the organization to help more Thoroughbreds.

They need your monetary support to help these horses live a life with dignity when their racing or breeding careers are over.

You don’t have to be a racing fan to become involved. Your passion for horses and knowledge of right and wrong will have a profound effect on transitioning these Thoroughbred racehorses into new homes.

After the Finish Line bring like minded people together that want to help yet, until now, did not know how. To know you have helped rescue these horses is an incredibly rewarding experience. So often we expect something tangible in return for our good deeds. The meaningful reward for this act of kindness is the ability to give life to an animal that is less fortunate. We can accomplish many happy endings by working together for the good of the Thoroughbreds.

As a non-profit organization they rely on the generosity of a National community of individuals, corporations and foundations to support the efforts to help these horses.

Please recommend After the Finish Line to your friends, family and co-workers. We encourage you to Get Involved. In a collective spirit we can gather our funds to make a better life for Thoroughbreds throughout the United States. By donating you are acknowledging your ongoing commitment to these noble animals. No amount is too small. After the Finish Line wish to express our sincere gratitude for your generosity and support of our efforts. After the Finish Line are worthy of your trust.

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