Film Review: Documentary Goes ‘Along for the Ride’ with Dennis Hopper

Film Review: Documentary Goes ‘Along for the Ride’ with Dennis Hopper

Film Review: Documentary Goes ‘Along for the Ride’ with Dennis Hopper

Director Nick Ebeling circles around the life and legacy of actor, artist and filmmaker Dennis Hopper, the documentary “Along for the Ride” uses the standard tools of the medium, it follows his renegade spirit, and we see something entirely unique.

With its atmospheric score from Gemma Thompson, attention to visual style and devotion to art, it is a film that its own subject might have appreciated.

Based on conversations between writer/director Nick Ebeling and Hopper’s right-hand man Satya De La Manitou, “Along for the Ride” is almost exclusively in Black & White, combining archival footage, photographs, film clips and contemporary interviews to explore Hopper’s work, primarily as a director.

It spends a good bit of its running time on “The Last Movie,” his 1st film after “Easy Rider,” which left him “blacklisted” in Hollywood.

“Along for the Ride” covers Dennis Hopper’s addictions and struggles, Nick Ebeling’s film deifies the actor-director.

It worships his talent above all, covering selected moments of his career in detail and glossing over others.

This documentary does not provide an exhaustive view of Dennis Hoppers filmography or life offscreen.

It does, however, paint an impressionistic picture that feels almost experimental at times.

Both Arty and Artful, Director Ebeling does not take the standard approach, thus it will reward film lovers who want something different than most film biographies can offer.

The NY-T’s reviewer called the film and attempt at “hagiography”.

On the making of the film, an interview with Director Nick Ebeling here

Dennis Hopper was genius and a visionary, he was a visionary filmmaker, 1 of our best. Just watch Easy Rider, The Last Movie and Out of the Blue.


‘Along for the Ride’

Not rated

Running time: 1 hr, 36 mins

Playing: Laemmle NoHo 7, North Hollywood

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