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Fighting COVID-19 coronavirus’ ‘Scare Fatigue’


As the world wide government imposed lockdown continues concern is growing that people are beginning to ignore social distancing rules (what is the magic of 6 ft?), leading to an perceived increase in the risk of infection and the number of COVID-19 coronavirus cases.

Daily, pics of crowded beaches and parks across the US country tell us that Americans are tired of staying at home and prefer to risk their health by ignoring social distancing that appears to be keeping people safe.

Thursday, President Trump declared that he would not extent the rule beyond its 30 April deadline.

Daily we we hear the states are experiencing new surges in coronavirus cases after initial declines. Likely those new cases are down to reasons not associated with social distancing. The vast majority of people do not even know anyone that has the disease.

A psychologist has dubbed the phemon “caution fatigue.” I call “Scare Fatigue”

When the social distancing rule was put in it was for 15 day, President Trump extended it for 30 day, now it is off.

When it was 1st announced, people bought in and desired to flatten the curve.

Weeks later, motivation declined on the understanding that the numbers are questionable and the medical experts models were outlandish estimates.

So, now people are feeling betrayed drained and rebellious of the Medical Malpractice.

Below are some tips for fighting Scare Fatigue, as follows:

  • Take care of your mental and physical self. That means get enough sleep, do not drink alcohol too much, eat a balanced real food diet, exercising and staying as socially connected as possible.
  • Reframe risks and benefits. A term like “flattening the curve” is hard to relate to as it may just be talk and meaningless jargon to keep people scared. Nevertheless think about how your behavior affects your chances of getting sick and spreading the disease to those around you. If you do know sick people stay away from them period, no matter if they are close relatives and loved ones.
  • Creating a daily routine can help you deal with this reality. Live in the Now, do not on how long quarantine may last. Make time for exercising and socialize by connections.
  • Keeping yourself safe, as such you are helping others and the community.
  • Tune out the Noise!
  • Learn new things, now that you have the time to look into areas that fascinate you.
  • If you have school age children, start to homeschool them. You win, they win.
  • Take some virtuals tours, they now abound and are free.
  • Do not be afraid!

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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