Fight for Our Border Security Has Not Ended

Fight for Our Border Security Has Not Ended

Fight for Our Border Security Has Not Ended

US lawmakers worked out a 2-week extension on budget talks and averted a government shutdown while the funeral proceedings for late President George HW Bush are occurring, but that does not mean the fight for border security has come to an end, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise said Tuesday.

“We worked that out,” the Louisiana Republican told the TV interviewers when asked if he could confirm that a potential shutdown would not happen.

“This fight will continue on. Clearly what we are battling over is to make sure we fund our border security properly, build the wall, give President Trump the money he needs to keep America safe.”

This includes not only for building a wall, but for other safety aspects as well, said Mr. Scalise.

“Every day 10 known terrorists try to cross our border,” Mr. Scalise said. “This is a real and serious threat. President Trump is fighting to secure the border.”

The White House is directly involved in the negotiations, said Mr. Scalise, and he feels “confident we’ll get it resolved the right way.”

This means making sure the Border Patrol agents who have come under attack at the border are able to keep themselves safe, said Scalise.

“These are men and women in uniform fighting to keep America safe,” he commented. “We need to make sure they’re well-protected.”

A Chicago group with ties to billionaire Democratic donor George Soros is funding the invading migrant caravans already here and others making their way from Central America to the United States, Bill O’Reilly said on cable TV recently.

During a regular Monday night appearance on “The Wayne Allyn Root Show,” Mr. O’Reilly revealed that research has turned up a Chicago group, which he names on his website , as being the money machine for the thousands of migrants.

The estimates for the costs of those ventures is in the tens of millions of dollars.

America First!

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