Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Silverstone Grand Prix Upgrade Revealed

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Silverstone Grand Prix Upgrade Revealed

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Silverstone Grand Prix Upgrade Revealed


Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) upgrade package for the British Grand Prix was revealed Thursday, with interesting changes to the floor and engine cover of its SF71H F1 car.

The changes come a week after Ferrari’s chief rival MercedesAMG introduced a major upgrade at Austria.

This shows us how much both teams drive to continually improve their racing cars, as the stakes are very high in this motorsport.

In the floor area, Ferrari has taken the long slot concept it was already using 1 step further. The floor now features a 3rd slot to try to improve the airflow around this Key area of the car.

The design also better blends in the long slots with the curved channels that appear right in front of the rear tires. And now the struts that run across the slots have been beefed up to avoid excessive flexing.

As well as the floor changes, Ferrari has introduced a new design of engine cover which is more curved and now features a valley on either side in the center of the cooling outlet.

This compares with the old almost flat shape that the Scuderia has used up until now.

These extra channels alter the way the airflow is pulled through the bodywork and affect the localized stream.

This new design works perfectly with the spoon shaped low drag wing that Ferrari has fitted to its car ahead of practice,  although this could be a test for the Belgian GP rather than being something that will be raced this weekend. It is a design that was last raced at the Azerbaijan GP.

The valley shaped engine cover mirrors an idea that has been put to good use by MercedesAMG recently.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 135.42 5 July 2018 1.48 135.92 136.16 134.58 115,063
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Neutral (0.11) Neutral (-0.13) Neutral (0.16) Bullish (0.31)

In the US tune into ESPN at 9:10a EDT Sunday, 8 July to see who will triumph in England.


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