Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Prancing Horse

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Prancing Horse

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Prancing Horse


Ever so often readers ask, Where did the Black Prancing Horse mark come from?

Here is the story:

The Black Stallion has become 1 of the most recognized service marks in the world and a symbol of high performance.

Ferrari’s prancing horse is almost as iconic as the name itself, but where did it come from?

Enzo Ferrari only spoke of the Stallion’s origin 1 time according to the Maranello outfit.

Before Enzo Ferrari became famed for building some of the world’s most respected road and racecars, he was a racer.

Enzo found success with Alfa Romeo and won the 1924 Coppa Acerbo race in Italy.

Then in Y 1929 The Scuderia Ferrari team was formed and raced Alfa Romeo cars in various categories.

One day, Ferrari met the parents of the famed World War One pilot Francesco Baracca who’s plane donned a Prancing Horse on its fuselage. The mother asked him to put the stallion on his cars for good luck.

Enzo obliged and added a yellow backing, a color symbolic of Maranello, to create his emblem.

In Y 1932, a yellow shield featuring a Black Prancing Horse, festooned with the colors of Italy’s flag, appeared on the Alfa Romeos of Enzo’s Scuderia at the Spa Grand Prix.

The lucky logo worked with the 2 cars entered coming 1st and 2nd in the race.

When Alfa found itself in some financial difficulty in Y 1933, it withdrew from racing, leaving The Scuderia Ferrari as the acting racing team. The Badge then became more prominent, even featuring on the grille of the 1935 Alfa Romeo Bimotore.

Alfa Romeo bought up shares in Scuderia Ferrari and later went on to develop it into Alfa Corse.

When motor racing stopped due to World War II, Enzo left Alfa Romeo for in order to build his own racing cars.

The parties agreed that he would put the Ferrari name on his creations for 4 years. His business began making machinery for the war effort, but his passion for motorsport did not fade during the war years, even after his new Maranello HQ was bombed.

In Y 1947 the Ferrari-built 12-cylinder Tipo 125S proudly displayed the prancing horse accompanied by the Ferrari name once again. 125S made its debut at the 1948 Italian Grand Prix and the rest is history.

The Black Stallion badge is the #1 Brand in the world’s automotive sector and beyond.

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NYSE:RACE 120.81 19 January 2018 1.43 120.79 120.93 119.88 210,508
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