Ferraris, (NYSE:RACE) Not All Ferraris Are Equal, But…

Ferraris, (NYSE:RACE) Not All Ferraris Are Equal, But…

Ferraris, (NYSE:RACE) Not All Ferraris Are Equal, But…


  • Ferrari has always been the car people aspired to, the Prancing Horse has never lost its #1 standing
  • Ferrari is more than a car, it is the way to a Key life experiences that I entered in Y 1965

The late Enzo Ferrari a brilliant race car driver turned automotive legend, was a shrewd businessman when he launched his sports car company 71 years ago.

His philosophy: “build one less car than the company could sell”.

The Ferrari boss died in 1988 at 90 anni, he said, “The Ferrari is a dream, people dream of owning this special vehicle and for most people it will remain a dream apart from those lucky few.”

That exclusivity has been part of the aura surrounding Ferrari since 125S, the 1st car built under the Ferrari marquee, debuted in Y 1947, said Luca Dal Monte, author of “Enzo Ferrari: Power, Politics and the Making of an Automotive Empire” and the former head of Ferrari’s North American press office.

“It has always proudly kept its production to a reasonable number and the number has always been lower than the demand,” Mr. Dal Monte said. “Hollywood actors and European Kings and Princes would queue outside Enzo’s office in Maranello, Italy, to buy 1 of his cars. And you were happy to do it because, later that day, they might just drive away in a a brand-new Ferrari.”

“There is a mystique in the name Ferrari today that you just cannot buy, no matter how fast and beautiful your cars might be.”

That mystique may could chang as the iconic Italian Supercar maker moves to increase profitability and attract new buyers world wide.

Sergio Marchionne, who was Ferrari’s chairman and CEO until Saturday, told reporters in January he was expanding the Italian automaker’s lineup in the coming years to include hybrids, an SUV and an all-electric Supercar.

The company expects to ship 9,000 units of its current models in Y 2018 and vehicle deliveries in Q-1 were up 6% Vs the prior year.

A Ferrari spokesman declined to comment beyond what has already been said publicly.

Newer Ferraris  like the V8-powered $215,000 Portofino and the all-wheel drive GTC4Lusso T are already helping to bring 1st-time customers to the brand.

The factory clearly wants younger clients, people that will continue to buy cars for the next 40 years.

Al DeLauro, a former President and Chairman of the Ferrari Club of America and a longtime Ferrari owner, said the 6,600-member club has seen more women and non-motorsports enthusiasts join the organization in recent years.

“Ferrari is taking action to be more appealing to a broader demographic,” he said. “Everyone is doing an SUV (FUV). That is what a whole bunch of the buying public wants. There are commercial considerations.”

Mr. DeLauro, who drives a Y 2008 430 Scuderia, said he was on board with a hybrid Ferrari if it provides “the visceral smack that a Ferrari always does.”

“Hybrids are a clever way of taking advantage of a trend in modern society,” he noted. “Electrification is part of our future and present.”

“Electric cars produce a ton of power, they don’t produce any noise,” he said. “There’s an animal nature in Ferrari’s DNA. No noise would not work for me.” So, no battery powered Ferraris, it is all about the sound.

Sound, craftsmanship and raw power have always been Ferrari’s top selling points.

Ferrari will continue to evolve their cars, develop their markets, as they integrating more of their Motorsports technology into their road cars. As there are more markets, more roads, more youthful wealth and demand for the world’s #1 automotive brand.

Here is savvy marketing tool: new clienti have to buy a several of standard road Ferraris before being offered the chance to buy Limited Special Editions and 1-offs.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 134.52 25 July 2018 1.27 132.09 136.3 130.12 2,520,800
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Neutral (-0.11) Neutral (-0.03) Neutral (-0.20) Neutral (-0.11)


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