Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) New Portofino Performs Beyond Expectations

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) New Portofino Performs Beyond Expectations

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) New Portofino Performs Beyond Expectations


The new Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Portofino is a car that can be comfortably driven daily, with performance track, that looks good, as well.

The Portofino is the replacement to the California T Ferrari’s all-time best-seller. Ferrari sold more than 11,000 in 10 years, and 70% of buyers were new to Ferrari.

The Portofino represents what is best about Ferrari, as it delivers what a buyer can expect from a his/her daily driver, while  delivering a thrill to the driver.

Chief among the improvements is its sexy body, which enhances driving performance and overall aesthetics.

The Portofino weighs 176 lbs less than the California T. It’s also 0.1 inch lower, 1.1 in. wider, and 0.7 in. longer. Those changes allow the updated twin-turbo V8 to maximize its 591 brake horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque.

Portofino feels and is much faster to drive than the California T.

Zero to 60 mph in 3.2 secs, 0-124 mph in just over 10 secs, and Top speed at 198 mph.

How the Portofino looks

Portofino is slightly lower to the ground than the California T, but still higher than other sportscars, which makes it easier to park.

In the cockpit the infotainment system has been improved, most notably by a high-definition, 10.2-in. central command screen with Apple CarPlay, voice command functionality, and bright front- and rear-parking cameras. The climate, audio, and navigation systems on the touchscreen are straightforward and quick to use.

The overall the inside has little clutter, and the air conditioning is 25% faster than the California T and 50% quieter.

The rear seats are usable, and they fold down and provide a great shelf packages.

I expect that the Ferrari Portofino will be the Maranello Outfit’s next best-seller.

Have a terrific weekend

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