Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Monza SP2 named “Most Beautiful Supercar of the Year 2018” at Paris Festival Automobile International

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Monza SP2 named “Most Beautiful Supercar of the Year 2018” at Paris Festival Automobile International


Last week, the Ferrari Monza SP2 was named the Most Beautiful Supercar of 2018 by a panel of expert judges at the 34th Paris Festival Automobile International. 

This prestigious award was presented at a ceremony at the city’s Hotel National des Invalides attended by over 600 guests, including many leading exponents of the automotive and journalism worlds. 

The Ferrari Monza SP2, together with the Ferrari Monza SP1, is the forerunner of the new Icona concept inspired by the most evocative Ferrari competition cars of the 1950’s.

The Monza SP2 is the Prancing Horse’s modern reinterpretation of a gloriously timeless style paired with technologically advanced components and the highest performance possible thanks to the marque’s continuous research and innovation. 

The Ferrari Style Centre’s designers crafted a design so pure and forms so elegantly minimalist, they could be described as a single pencil stroke. The extreme styling of the more recent Ferrari track cars has been bypassed in favor of exceptionally clean, spare lines.

Never before has a car possessed such clear narrative power: this is a model born to deliver pure driving pleasure and fun behind the wheel. An experience that creates a totally symbiotic connection between man and car.

Ferrari is the Aristocrat of the world’s automotive sector and the world’s strongest brand.

HeffX-LTN overall technical analysis for RACE is Bullish to Very Bullish in here. Wednesday Ferrari shares closed at 126,96 in New York.

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