Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Line Up for the Geneva Motor Show this March

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Line Up for the Geneva Motor Show this March


  •  Ferrari does have big plans for the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

It is time to start thinking about what is coming next from Ferrari, the world’s automotive sector Aristocrat.

There’s a lot of information being passed around in the FerrariChatforum, and while most of them are rumors or hearsay from people who know people who know people, it is interesting that Ferrari’s future models are coming together, one vague piece at a time.

According to some members of the forum, Ferrari is working on a hybrid Supercar that’s referred to as “Big Brother.”

It is said to come with its own unique features, including a state-of-the-art hybrid engine. It will also launch after the arrival of the 488 successor.

One user even claims that the Big Brother looks like “a proper spaceship.” Take that for what it’s worth.

Much has been talked about the car ever since a handful of 488 prototypes were spotted in the wild doing test runs on the street and track. No one can still identify what it’s going to look like or what kind of setup it’s going to have, but one member of the group, ferr9000, claims with certainty that the 488 successor will make its debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, and that the hybrid version will follow that. 

How long that means is still a matter of speculation, as is most of these claims, to begin with.

One other interesting tidbit comes from another member of the forum, jim g. According to him, Ferrari dealerships have been informed that Ferrari will show not just one 488 replacement in Geneva this coming March. “All dealer knows is that 488 replacements that’s plural according to email will be shown in March,” he says.

The important word in his claim is “replacements,” which suggests that the 488 successor could spawn more than one version, each with its own different performance parameters.

Admittedly, the details are pretty confusing. Is it possible that the 488 GTB will get more than one successor?

If that ends up happening and we get more than we expect out of Ferrari, it would serve as a positive reflection of the automaker’s desire of continuing to push the envelope and give us products that are worthy of its name and badge.

The good news is that the show doesn’t start for another three months. That should give Ferrari plenty of time to work out its plans for the event. Whether it brings one or more models isn’t important at this point.

What is important is that by March, is that the Maranello outfit has something new to show us. 

This is what everyone is waiting to see.

Have a terrific weekend 

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