Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) GTC4 Lusso T

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) GTC4 Lusso T

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) GTC4 Lusso T


Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) announced the arrival of the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso T, the 1st 4-seater to be powered by a V8 engine, for a new Ferrari Grand Touring concept, the car is aimed at drivers wanting a car that is sporty and versatile, as well as perfect for driving daily.

The new Ferrari GTC4Lusso T is equipped with an evolution of the 3.9-litre V8 turbo which punches out a maximum of 610 cv at 7,500 rpm, guaranteeing powerful acceleration with maximum torque of 760 Nm available between 3,000 and 5,250 rpm. And the GTC4Lusso T’s fuel consumption guarantee extended range, ideal for town driving or long trips.

Combining this powertrain with RWD has resulted in significant weight-saving. Adding 4WS to the mix gives the car additional agility and quicker responses. The rear-wheel steering system is integrated with the latest evolution of the electronic controls of the SCM-E suspension, ESP 9.0 and third generation Side Slip Control (SSC3).

Like every engine to come from the Maranello outfit, the GTC4Lusso T’s V8 turbo has all the classic Ferrari power unit qualities: sharp throttle response, amazing performance, continuous and powerful acceleration at all speeds, an exhilarating sound, and compact dimensions. The body is mounted low in the chassis sharpening driving dynamics.

This car’s V8 is the latest evolution to emerge from the engine family that was named the 2016 International Engine of the Year.

The Lusso T’s excellent performance across the entire rev range, on the other hand, is the result of intensive research into maximizing combustion efficiency.

Optimized mechanical efficiency is guaranteed by a variable-displacement oil pump that supplies oil at either high pressure or low pressure, reducing the hydraulic power requirements by up to 30% compared to a conventional pump, and a valve-train with roller finger followers to reduce the power absorbed by 10 per cent at low revs.

One of most innovative features of the GTC4Lusso T’s V8 is Variable Boost Management, a control software that adjusts torque delivery to suit the gear selected, delivering increasingly powerful pick-up as revs rise, whilst optimizing fuel consumption all without impinging on driving pleasure.

In line with the finest Ferrari tradition, the GT4Lusso T has been given a unique and utterly unmistakable sound. In addition to the flat-plane crankshaft, which synchronizes engine firing, and equal-length exhaust headers which equalize the sound, the exhaust line now features a new central section along with a larger-diameter silencer.

When Ferrari’s engineers decided to adopt a V8 turbo engine and RWD for the GTC4Lusso T, their aim was to modify the vehicle dynamics to give a sportier feel that was coherent with the handling characteristics laid down by the V12 version.  The feeling of longitudinal performance is enhanced at low speeds by Variable Boost Management.

The 4WS provides a sharper response to steering wheel inputs, both entering and exiting corners, thanks to the fact that the rear wheels steer in the same direction as the front ones.

The Magnaride SCM-E damper control system is the same as on the GTC4Lusso and represents the state-of-the-art in control algorithm development. On the GTC4Lusso T, body control is governed by a control model adapted to the new car’s weight distribution and suspension characteristics, and which optimizes the tire contact based on the sensitivity to vertical frequencies.

The Side Slip Control 3.0 (SSC3) system dialogues with all the GTC4Lusso T’s components and vehicle dynamics controls. It is thus able to adapt the Supercar’s behavior to suit differing dynamic and grip conditions.

The integration of the F1-Trac and E-Diff electronic differential optimizes traction and torque delivery to the outside and inside rear wheels. This system also makes the car more driveable on medium grip surfaces.

The 5 Manettino positions: Ice, Wet, Comfort, Sport, ESC OFF underscore the potential of the car’s architecture and vehicle dynamics controls. The combined effect of the two systems is that torque is efficiently split between the 2 rear wheels, controlling slip when the rear wheels are on mixed grip surfaces. The RWS makes turning in, cornering and exiting corners effortless.

Designed by Ferrari’s Styling Centre, the GTC4Lusso T maintains the same innovative take as the V12 version, reinterpreting the concept with an extremely streamlined, tapered shape that gives it an almost fastback-like silhouette.

The cabin is a melding of sophisticated elegance, as seen in the artisan quality of the prestigious hides, and the high-tech, sporty aspect of the metal or carbon-fiber components mainly found in the human-machine interfaces.

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T features the unique Dual Cockpit architecture, designed to enhance the shared driving experience for both driver and passenger. It also incorporates the latest iteration of the infotainment system complete with an impressive 10.25″ HD capacitive touchscreen.

Available to order are specific tailpipes and 20″ forged wheels developed especially for the V8 model with a very dynamic design.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 128.24 9 October 2018 -1.44 127.95 129.6 127.38 317,375
Analysis Overall Short Intermediate Long
Neutral (-0.00) Neutral (-0.22) Neutral (-0.01) Neutral (0.22)


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