Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) FUV to Have Invisible Rear Doors

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) FUV to Have Invisible Rear Doors

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) FUV to Have Invisible Rear Doors


As we are learning daily now, it is not a question of if a Ferrari SUV, aka FUV, but when.

What I am learning, is that Ferrari executives, designers and engineers are doing their best to keep the forthcoming SUV as “Ferrari” as possible.

The latest leaked claim is the 2 rear doors of the Family Ferrari will not be “immediately” visible.

My source says that while Ferrari continues to tell investors there are no plans for a 4-door (hatchback) model, sedan or otherwise, a FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle) is on track for a Y 2021 launch.

And instead of the conventional 4 doors, the Maranello Outfit plans on designing a setup with an engineered hidden configuration.

A Ferrari FUV should come as a surprise considering the market sees dips in traditional sedan and car sales in favor of crossovers and SUVs.

I myself have taken to driving my Ferrari Red 1989 LaForza, the quintessential Tom Tjarda designed SUV built by pinninfarina, daily instead of my 456M/A

Ferrari is not the 1st luxury Supersports-car marque to plan a high-performance SUV.

Porsche kicked things off with the Cayenne, Maserati recently launched the Levante, and Aston Martin is working through development of the high-riding DBX.

Ultra luxury Bentley is offering the $300,000 Bentayga, while Rolls-Royce prepares its Cullinan SUV.

I expect that the FUV arrives it will be the Gold Standard of the lot. Power will likely come from either a twin-turbocharged V-8 or a V-12 with power outputs potentially reaching up to the 800-hp.

Like the current 3 door (hatch), 4-seat GTC4Lusso “Shooting Brake” passenger legroom and amenities will be more than ample.

The FUV will likely cost upwards of $340,000, and sell 3,000+ units per year, driving revenue and earnings at the world most recognized automobile manufacturer.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 95.12 18 July 2017 1.37 93.55 95.12 93.44 559,343
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bullish (0.41) Bullish (0.27) Very Bullish (0.54) Bullish (0.42)

Stay tuned…

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