Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) F12berlinetta Coming with 6.3ltr V-12 Engine++

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) F12berlinetta Coming with 6.3ltr V-12 Engine++

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Latest Berlinetta Coming with 6.3ltr V-12 Engine++


Ferrari is not ready to say goodbye to its naturally-aspirated V-12 engines. A new report from German magazine Autobild claims that the successor to the F12berlinetta will continue to be fitted with a V-12 engine.

The yet-to-be-named model is due to arrive sometime in Y  2019 with an upgraded version of the 6.3-liter V-12 engine that is now being used by the F12b.

So, do not expect any turbochargers with the F12’s successor.

That said, previous reports have indicated that the V-12 engine may not be the only power source that will be provided for the new model. A modern form of assistance is likely needed to get the car’s power output to a place where Ferrari wants it to be. That “assistance” could come in the form of a hybrid upgraded version of the V-12 with a few electric motors.

The word is that Ferrari wants the new model to have more hp than the 770-horsepower F12tdf, but less than the 963-horsepower LaFerrari Hypersupercar.

So, figure output in the neighborhood of 800hp is the objective for the new model, and given how much Ferrari has already squeezed out of the V-12 to get to the output of the F12tdf, it could bring in a those electric motors into the fold to help get to that “next level” output it wants for the F12b’s successor.

Ferrari has yet to comment, and I do not expect any confirmations soon. The company has most often been closed mouthed  when it comes to future models, especially those at the top of its lineup.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 47.47 14 September 2016 -0.11 47.52 47.86 47.4 159,100
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Neutral (0.13) Neutral (-0.08) Neutral (0.16) Bullish (0.31)

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