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Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Design Team Creating a New Generation of Supercars



(NYSE:RACE) will announce its 1st hybrid supercar on 31 May. This is a Limited Edition product, and the 1st series production Ferrari to drive on low emissions and with outstanding performance.

Ferrari has not revealed official performance figures, but experts are predicting almost 1000hp with the new GT.

“I promise it will be really unique,” says the design director Flavio Manzoni. “Ferrari has always pushed the limits of automotive design and represented the pinnacle of vehicle technology. We have a constant quest to reach the ultimate step and this will never stop. Which means every new car must surpass our own expectations and you will see this with the new hybrid car.”

Ferrari’s identity is based on making luxury Supercars, with the promise of driving pleasure.

The Big Q: How will Ferrari maintain its distinctive values in the post-combustion age?

The Big A: Design chief Manzoni says, “For me Ferrari is a symbiosis of man and machine and hedonistic pleasure. If life is about the experience, then Ferrari offers an exceptional quality of life. But then, when we talk about Ferrari, we always consider 3 fundamental components – technological innovation, the pleasure of driving and beauty. So, the aspect of innovation is fundamental to Ferrari design.”

Mr. Manzoni noted that there will not be room for an autonomous Ferrari in the foreseeable future. “Autonomous driving is about mobility, which is not something connected with Ferrari. If we lose the pleasure of driving, the relation between human and machine, then there is no Ferrari.”

Centro Stile is the newly-opened design studio based at the home of Ferrari, Maranello

Above is a picture of Centro Stile the newly-opened design studio based at the home of Ferrari, Maranello, Italy.

Now, Ferrari’s design team is focused on creating a new generation of Ferrari cars, including 4 new supercars this year, at Centro Stile.

It is an impressive building, a collaborative venture which saw Mr. Manzoni work alongside London-based architect Davide Padoa of Design International. The sculptural structure offers complex surfaces, with a double-skin façade of triangular glass and gilded aluminum. Centro Stile sits in the same compound as a handful of architectural gems including buildings by renowned architects Jean Nouvel, Massimiliano Fuksas and Renzo Piano’s dramatic wind tunnel. So, it needed to stand out and it does!

“Our objective was to create a ‘wow’ effect, a surprise when you walk in from the old Ferrari entrance to the Maranello site,”Mr. Manzoni says.

The surfaces evoke Ferrari design with their concave and convex shapes and in the interplay of light and shadow. The 2nd skin, he admits, looks great, but is also functional for maintaining the privacy of what is being created inside Centre Stile.

Centro Stile houses around a hundred vehicle designers, digital surface modelers, color and trim specialists. “We use real sculptors here to give a human touch to surfaces because for Ferrari technology is not the final objective,” says Mr. Manzoni.

Ferrari’s are about evoking timeless design.

The Ferrari portfolio has evolved in recent years to include HyperSuper cars, and vehicles created for everyday use models like the Portofino.

Mr. Manzoni says even as the family expands, his work as director of design is to ensure the 2 road-car families, the Sports and GT series, maintain their distinctive identities.

“The sports cars are technically driven so performance is pushed to such a high level that the design needs to incorporate a great many technical solutions to reach the goal,” he explains. The GTs are more design focused, “elegant and refined”, he says.

Each floor at Centro Stile houses one element of design including customization.

At Tailor Made clients can specify the color scheme, materials and every little detail to make their Ferrari unique. The division opened in Y 2011, yet this is the 1st time customers work on their design in a bespoke studio alongside specialist.

Personalization, says Mr. Manzoni, is increasingly important for Ferrari. He says working directly with customers challenges the team giving him the opportunity to create unique identities, work with new materials and shapes.

“Our customers are passionate about Ferrari and can make the experience very interesting for us.”

Ferrari is the Aristocrat of the automotive sector.

The iconic Italian Supercar manufacturer claimed the title according to the latest Brand Finance Global 500 2019 report launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

HeffX-LTN overall technical outlook for RACE is Bullish to Very Bullish, there is light resistance now at 148.17, and strong support at 142.62, all of our Key indicators are Very Bullish in here.

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