Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) 812 Superfast V-12 Looks Back to its Roots

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) 812 Superfast V-12 Looks Back to its Roots

Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) 812 Superfast V-12 Looks Back to its Roots


Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) got its start building 2-seat sports GTs with V12s in the front. With ladder chassis, live rear axles, and drum brakes, they were not the most technically advanced, but they were fast, durable and beautiful, I owned a 1952 250GTE by Pinninfarina, in the late 1960’s and it was memorable to drive that early masterpiece.

Back then Ferrari was at home at all the great European race circuits and on French Riviera, those front-engine V12 2-seaters quickly helped establish the Ferrari legend.

In Y 1962, Phil Hill and Olivier Gendebien won Le Mans in a front-engine Testa Rossa, which was soon obsolete by the Y 1963 and 1964 winner, the mid-engine 275 P.

It took a bit longer for road cars to follow, with the entry-level Dino 206 GT coming in Y 1967, I had the 1st 1 in the US, we did not and Maranello did not consider it a Ferrari then. It was just a Dino.

Then in Y 1973, Ferrari got rid of the front-engine, V12 2-seater entirely, replacing it with the more fashionable mid-engine, flat-12 Berlinetta Boxer, I did not like it and never owned 1.

Technically, on the racing side, there was a limit to how much performance could be garnered from a car with its engine up front, while the Y 1966 introduction of the Lamborghini Miura, I owned the 1st Miura in the US too, birthed the modern Supercar, challenging Ferrari to respond with 1 of its own.

Ferrari has not forgotten its roots.

When looking at 812 Superfast, it reminds me of the 250 GT SWB in spirit. The 250 SWB was a road-going GT that could be driven to Le Mans and be extremely competitive. In Y 1961, a privately entered 250 SWB won the over 3.0-liter GT class, placing 3rd overall.

Do not get me wrong, a 812 Superfast could never drive out of factory gate in Maranello and straight to a Podium finish at La Sarthe today, the regulations would not allow it to even run there.

But, the 812 Superfast is a super street car with a lot of performance, Superfast is understatement.

The Superfast is not a vintage or classic like Supercar, as it has everything Ferrari has learned about building cars into a very strong road car package.

This Ferrari’s engine traces its roots to the Ferrari Enzo’s V12, this engine displaces 6.5 liters and makes 789 hp, the most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever put in a production car.

And then there is the sound

It is a mix of an early Ferrari V12 and the shriek the 1990’s F1 cars. Once you hear it you will get it.

The Superfast is fitted with magnetorheological dampers that can adapt to changing road surfaces in an instant, and an electronic locking rear differential.

It is the 3rd Ferrari to get RWS (rear-wheel steering) after the F12tdf and the GTC4Lusso, and it is the 1st to switch from hydraulic to electric power steering.

Ferrari quotes a curb weight of just less than 3600 lbs for the Superfast, it rides on Pirelli P-Zeros designed for Ferrari and with all of the SuperStuff the car drives and rides like a normal car.

The visibility is good, it is comfortable and it is easy to maneuver thanks to the 4-wheel steering. The ground clearance is high enough so as not scrape its nose.

The Superfast has a $335,275 MSRP and there are lots of options, it can be driven daily.

I believe that only Ferrari could make a car like the 812 Superfast. It has the vintage and classic heritage and the clienti who line up to buy it, no discounts.

The 812 Superfast is a tribute to Ferrari’s early days, some of us are asking, it this the last real Ferrari?

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 109.6 13 November 2018 3.18 108.92 111.59 108.77 535,414
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Very Bearish (-0.50) Bearish (-0.48) Very Bearish (-0.52) Very Bearish (-0.50)

Stay tuned…

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