Ferrari’s new CEO Confirms the LaFerrari Spyder

Ferrari’s new CEO Confirms the LaFerrari Spyder

Ferrari’s new CEO Confirms the LaFerrari Spyder


The new CEO at Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne has confirmed the Italian luxury brand will deliver an open top version of the LaFerrari hyperSupercar.

Since that recent confirmation the speculators started going Nuts and we have a listing to prove it.

According to a posting, Investment Cars GmbH has a hand up for a Rosso Red LaFerrari Spyder and is willing to part ways for price of $4,885,285  before adding in the 19 percent VAT which takes it to $5,811,348.

Aside from the fact that it is pretty wild, we have to wonder how much we can trust this posting since the car is not yet “in the open”.

The German company claims “years of experience” and says it gets a hold of such exquisite cars using “unique and direct contact with private collectors.”

This could be true since we already know some potential customers have been approached by Ferrari for the Spyder pre-sale.

The ad comes with a previously unknown piece of information, claiming the production run will be limited to only 70 cars.

Ferrari has been tight lipped about the Spyder and the rumor mill claims it will have conventional doors and a 2 separate panel removable top. Recall that Bentley did that in Y 1997 with its Limited Edition Sedanca Continental Coupe.

The powertrain will likely be the same as in the coupe and will display its full output of 963 horsepower. But, with the added weight needed by the reinforcements, I am expecting the Spyder to be a bit slower than its brother, which tops out at more than 217 mph.

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