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Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Turned Its Color Red into Part of the Exclusive Brand



“Ask a boy to draw a car, and he will color it red,” —Enzo Ferrari

Red is believed to be the “traditional” color for Ferrari, but this is a coincidence.

When I think of a Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) I picture it in Red, but this was not the intent behind the iconic Italian luxury sportscar maker.

Ever since it was established as an automaker catering to its very exclusive clienti in Y 1947, Ferrari has been working to build an exclusive, luxury brand and so every aspect of its business is conducted according to a very strict set of rules, and 1 set concerns primarily color.

At the Maranello factory, customers who come to buy can customize their new car, which then takes about 2 yrs to be built.

Enzo believed that “there’s a Ferrari for every Ferrarista,” so he did not want to make two cars alike.

Maranello Tailor Made personalization program ensures that customers can have their input as regards their Supercar, and their wishes will be taken very seriously.

Also here, they can suggest absolutely any color or color combination for its livery as long as it not not pink, which Ferrari has officially banned. Prior to Y 1970 black was banned by the Commendatore.

Ferrari is very flexible with the bespoke client, and even more so with the VIP clients, they are the ones that get on exclusive lists for limited releases

Production Ferrari cars come in a limited range of color options. With regular customers flexibility is almost non-existent.

That said, contrary to popular opinion, Ferraris do not come just in Red, black, yellow and gray. But, Red is the most popular color, accounting for 40% for those sold today.

Ferrari is associated with Red because, early on when it was only into racing, cars were painted based on the country they represented: Italy got Red, Germany White, France Blue, and the UK Green.

Italy had Red racing cars long before Ferrari, and the “official” Ferrari color is the Yellow in the background of the Prancing Horse badge, which is also the color of the city of Modena, where it started.

Rosso Corsa is today’s most popular shade of Red, though it is not the same shade as that used early for racing cars. There are lots of Reds available, there is Rosso Scuderia, Rosso Mugello, Rosso Dino, Rosso Fiorano, Rosso Monza, Rosso Fuoco, Rosso Berlinetta, Rosso 70 Anni, Rosso Portofino (metallic), and others. Some models, like the 288 GTO, have only ever been made available in Ferrari Red.

The color range available to today’s Ferrarista is limited: there’s yellow (Giallo), black (Nero), blue (Azzurro), green (Verde), Silver (Argento), Brown (Marrone), each with a small variation of shades. In fact, the only color that offers a wider range of shades is Red.

As Nicola Boari, Head of Product Marketing, once said: “Rosso Corsa is rooted in our DNA. We really believe it interprets the best link with the brand, it is our most representative color.”

The association between Red and Ferrari did not come as an in-house decision at 1st, it was strengthened through the years on purpose. Because when it comes to branding, no other automaker is as strict and controlling as the Maranello Outfit. If Ferrari wants you to think of its cars as Red, it has done, everything in its power making it happen.

Ferrari is the Aristocrat of the automotive sector.

Enzo Ferrari’s iconic Italian Supercar manufacturer claimed the title according to the latest Brand Finance Global 500 2019 report launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

HeffX-LTN overall technical outlook for RACE is Bullish, there is resistance at 175.00, and Key support is solid at 169.80, the stock has established strong long term support. The MACD is Very Bullish in here.

Ferrari finished at 172.31, -1.38 Thursday in NY.

Ferrari will continue to create value in the long term. Ferrari is a quality 1st long term luxury products investment, and I have called it at it at 200+/share long term, adjusting it to 200/share short term and siding with BAML to 230 long term for now.

Have a terrific weekend.


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