Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Showed Off in Pasadena California

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Showed Off in Pasadena California

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Showed Off in Pasadena California


Concorso Ferrari in Old Town Pasadena, California Sunday, showed the mighty V12s, a Boxer 12, and lots V8-powered example for its 11th annual even, and it is always Free!

The super even is put on by the Ferrari Club of America’s Southwest Region and is now in its 11th year, under the leadership of Marv Landon, past President of the club.

Sunday, there were 148 Ferraris displayed along 3 cordened-off blocks of Old Town, 108 of them were modern, and Ferraris, and 40 were vintage cars or modern Supercars.

There were some really fine Vintage and Classic Ferraris in the mix.

This year brought out the following, these are the car that I have a keen interested in, and have owned many of over my 50 years as a Ferrari clienti.

  1. nn unrestored 1952 212 Vignale
  2. 1958 250 GT PF Cab
  3. 1950 166 MM
  4. 1964 250 Lusso
  5. 275 GTB Alloy
  6. 1951 212 Export
  7. 1963 Super America
  8. 1962 250 GT SWB and
  9. a 1959 TR in unfinished metal
  10. a black 275 GTS and
  11. a 250GT Lusso.

Local Ferrari collector David Lee, who brought 10 cars including his 5 modern supercars:

  1. a F40, F50, 288GTO,
  2. an Enzo
  3. a La Ferrari
  4. a special F12
  5. a812 Superfast
  6. a 1967 330 GTS
  7. a1967 275 GTB4 and
  8. his altered Dino GTS

Peter Giacobbi’s replica Testa Rosa won the People’s Choice award.

“Best Car on the Street” award went to Michael Leventhal for his 1950 166/195MM.

“Best Exotic Car on the Street” went to Tony Shooshani for his crowd-gathering 2018 La Ferrari Aperta.

And “Best In Show” was Donnie Crevier’s 1963 400 SuperAmerica.

Congrats to the Ferrari Club for a terrific event, see you again next year.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 122.9 30 April 2018 0.91 121.8 123.37 121.6 254,117
Analysis Overall Short Intermediate Long
Neutral (0.19) Neutral (0.15) Bullish (0.42) Neutral (-0.00)

Stay tuned…

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