Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Le Mans Hypercar Class Prototype in the Works

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Le Mans Hypercar Class Prototype in the Works

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Le Mans Hypercar Class Prototype in the Works

If you have been watching the World Endurance Championship, or the Le Mans race you have noticed that things are not really spectacular at the Top.

With Porsche out, Toyota is racing itself in the Top tier LMP1 class. But, now the FIA is preparing a new Hypercar class that promises to bring back the old days of racing, when the relationship between race car and road car was stronger.

The new racers will join the 2020/2021 Superseason in September 2020, and they will be eligible to compete at Le Mans in           Y 2021.

Several carmakers are currently considering coming in to race. The list of carmakers that might be interested in taking part ranges from Ford, which is currently engaged in the GTE Pro class, to Koenigsegg, for which the step into the motorsport realm would be a Big 1.

We do know that Ferrari is 1 of the Top brands involved in the preparation of the GTP action, even though the iconic Italian carmaker has not officially confirmed it will take part in the series.

Last week a set of images showcasing a prototype that could the Maranello outfit’s new race car hit the web.

The racer looks a bit like the LaFerrari, but it could just be an early mule, so I cannot be certain about the design. You recall that the LaFerrari already has a racing version, the FXX K, which is used for a 1-make racing series aka Ferrari only.

Expect that all of the racers will pack hybrid power-trains, with the current specifications talking about a 700 hp limit for the internal combustion engines and a 272 hp limit for the electric power.

The Le Mans target lap time of 3:24-3:25 means the new Hyercar class will be slotted in between the LPM1 and the LMP2.

The budgets: budgets will be limited to about 20-M for a factory team and 16-M for privateers, any homologated hybrid system must be offered to privateers for 2-M per season.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 112.29 24 October 2018 -2.99 113.42 113.95 112.15 833,592
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Neutral (-0.16) Neutral (-0.17) Bearish (-0.38) Neutral (0.06)

Stay tuned..

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