Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) is What You Have When You Have the Money

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) is What You Have When You Have the Money

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) is What You Have When You Have the Money


Race track events are regular happenings for performance car manufacturers, and many of them offer racing car services for clients, and others host hospitality days and racing for their clients and club members at big circuits, upping the level of service and brand excitement.

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) does it bigger and better than them all.

If you are among the few to become a Ferrari Corse Clienti, you have a wide selection of options like the XX cars and Challenge series racers.

In the 10 years of the program some preferred Ferrari buyers were selected for purchasing the 599XX, Enzo-based FXX, and FXXK and FXXK Evo.

During a Ferrari Racing Days program the Maranello outfit brings all the goods, with over 100 cars across all classes.

There are 4 divisions of the Ferrari Challenge series with 2 FXXs, seven 599XXs, 7 FXXKs, and 3 FXXK Evo cars.

On the F1 side, perhaps 10 racecars from Y 2000 until 2013 will be on the track and you can just imagine the amazing sounds of F1 cars from days before they were muted by the turbo hybrid setups.

The Corse Clienti program is very private.

Here is what happens at an event if you have been able it get in.

Initially you will have spent $2-M for the membership, from the the charges go up. Depending on the car’s track experience, who drove it, and how successful it was, determines the Price of the Drive.

If you have to ask you do not belong there because the price of the car you like will range from $1.3 to $2-M. And you may not get to take it home.

Once approved, Ferrari gives it Corso Clienti  special treatment in picking up their car, then takes on on their opening testing and coaching.

A special ceremony is held at Ferrari’s private test track at Fiorano, where the client takes their 1st laps on the same track Scuderia Ferrari tests their current F1 racers.

Once the customer finishes up their track day use, Ferrari offers to maintain and store their car back at the Maranello works.

Because Ferrari is a manufacturer for both engines and cars in F1, Ferrari offers a selection of racers to their special clients that no one else can: retired F1 cars.

If you are so inclined and driven, you can buy into a Ferrari Challenge team with a suitable race car, supported by Ferrari engineers, mechanics, and data, with a full calendar with events at fun tracks in what eve your region or country.

Ferrari also offers their Corse Clienti an upgrade if their skill set and resources are sufficient.

Ferrari F1 Clienti participants have to do very little to prepare for the track day itself. They show up with their helmet and gloves, and Ferrari handles the rest.

They even set up tutors from The Scuderia like Marc Gené, Giancarlo Fisichella, and Andrea Bertolini. Between sessions, drivers get to work alongside their engineers and tutor to learn more about their work on the race track, how to improve setup, and where the drivers themselves can get the most out of the car.

Should a client wish to get more time in the cockpit between official track days, they can schedule sessions at various tracks, to work alongside their mechanics, technicians, and tutor to better prepare themselves for the upcoming race events.

If you are part of this program, you know how super it is, the Ferrari experience is unique in the extreme.
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NYSE:RACE 122.79 16 March 2018 0.54 122.47 123.35 122.07 401,500
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