Ferrari (NYSE:RACE), “Gentlemen Let’s Go Racing”

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE), “Gentlemen Let’s Go Racing”

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE), “Gentlemen Let’s Go Racing


Over the past 50 years I have learned that there is always some Italian Magic & Mystery in virtually every Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) story.

It is well know that at the Italian outfit’s Fiorano test track the 488 Challenge car laps quicker than the LaFerrari HyperSupercar by more than 4 secs.

As the Ferrari Challenge 488 car makes about the same hp as the 488 road car and is not a lot quicker in a straight line, so, the Fiorano figures speak to changes in stability control, aerodynamics, engine and gearbox software, and tires compared with the road-going 488.

Ferrari Challenge a gentleman’s race series, but these are very serious racing cars with extremely high cornering capabilities. The Challenge 488 reaches redline in 4th gear in about 6 secs the car is up to speed, ready to blend with competitors as it exits the pitlane.

Ferrari’s Italian Magic is very invested in the stability control system and aerodynamics, areas where lessons learned from The Scuderia’s F1 racing have given the road cars an advantage.

Some may match Ferrari in these areas, but no one is better. Challenge cars now include Ferrari’s Side Slip Angle software to help gentlemen racers explore capabilities without crashing a car.

This helps less experienced drivers keep the car out of the gravel, Ferrari is good that way. Similar technology was common in F1 for many years, and migrating it this far down the racing hierarchy is terrific for gentleman racers. Thus providing the gentlemen drivers 5 super Ferrari racing weekends each year.

The Big Q: Does the Challenge appeal to you?

The Big A: If it does Ferrari makes entry simple.

Here is how: Ferrari pairs you with a dealer that will order the car and then provide maintenance, repair and race support. No need to buy a tractor-trailer to haul the car, or spares and tools to keep it on-track, no phone calls with a crew of mechanics. Ferrari’s concierge approach to racing in the Challenge relieves the driver of management to indulge in the pleasures of race weekend. You run what Ferrari ‘brung’ for you.

The Italian Mystery

Ferrari is quiet on the cost, but it’s safe to say Challenge is comparable to some of the lower rungs of IMSA sports car racing.

So, let’s say $600,000 if you keep your car neat and tidy (no shunts), considerably more if you crash it, and need to buy a 2nd car.

This is a case where if you need to ask the price, you are a looker, not and owner/driver.

Notably, for 25 years the Challenge has attracted full fields, and does s in 3 regional series, in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Challenge weekends are equal parts gentleman racing, good timeand sports car romance, in very fast cars.

Ferrari romance, as a member of a Club speciale.

Still working the 600-K, every week, iRacing, the world’s premier online racing simulation service, highlights its latest news for NESN Fuel. This week, iRacing reveals its digital versions of the Ford GT and Ferrari 488. Read more about iRacing here.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 89.74  9 Jun 2017 -2.11 91.64 91.94 89.61 506,824
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Very Bullish (0.57) Very Bullish (0.62) Bullish (0.38) Very Bullish (0.71)

Have a terrific weekend.



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