Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Confirms V-8 Hybrid Coming

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Confirms V-8 Hybrid Coming

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Confirms V-8 Hybrid Coming


We expect to see changes coming at Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) in the next 2+ years.

The Maranello outfit’s Chairman/CEO, Sergio Marchionne, confirmed Ferrari’s first V-8 hybrid will arrive next year, and the timing suggests it could debut in the brand’s 1st FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle).

Both the hybrid and FUV stray away from Ferrari’s sports car and Supercar products, but Mr. Marchionne recognizes the hybrid will ensure the company adheres to new European Union CO2 emission targets coming in Y 2021.

Tuesday I learned that the hybrid system will not miror LaFerrari’s F1 type system, which boosted performance without an efficiency gain.

CEO Marchionne said it will be a traditional hybrid setup.

As it is today in the EU, Ferrari is exempt from CO2 standards since it produces less than 10,000 cars annually. But, with the addition of the FUV, Ferrari production will increase and it will very likely face the regulations.

If the FUV does serve as the V-8 hybrid’s debut model, it will almost certainly take the form of a plug-in hybrid.

Ferrari boss suggests the hybrid V-8 will not erode the brand’s characteristically refined and powerful power-trains.

When asked if the electrified power-train will result in a loss of character over a V-12 engine, he said, “Have you driven a Ferrari hybrid? When you do, I’m sure you will not miss a V-12.”

Mr. Marchionne said the FUV would debut no later than Y 2020 and prototypes already exist.

As for the design of the new vehicle, Mr. Marchionne said in January that “It will look like whatever a Ferrari utility vehicle needs to look like, but it has to drive like a Ferrari,” ensuring loyalists it will embody the brand’s iconic sports engaging driving character.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 124.25 7 March 2018 1.50 122.3 125.24 122.3 411,588
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