Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Begins Testing an FXX K EVO

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Begins Testing an FXX K EVO

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Begins Testing an FXX K EVO


Earlier this week Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) began testing a camouflaged version of its LaFerrari-based FXX K at Monza.

Clearly visible modifications made to the car, the most notable being the full length rear wing, suggest we might be looking at a prototipo for the FXX K’s EVO (Evolution Package) upgrade.

It’s hard to really know, but it appears the front spoiler has been revised. The rear diffuser also looks different with some extended sections.

Other changes include the new vents below the taillights, and a new T-shaped rear section.

The FXX K is a rolling laboratory for Ferrari where it can test new technologies without the limitation of road and race regulations.

Ferrari’s Corse Clienti program are invited to purchase the cars and drive them at Key racetracks around the world.

Ferrari’s XX program is used to gather data and driver feedback that can be used within future technologies.

The FXX K is powered by the same V-12-based hybrid system in the LaFerrari, its peak power rating is 1,035 hp, or 85+ than the road car. Any Evolution Package will add more power.

Previous XX cars included the 599XX and Enzo-based XX saw EVO upgrades.

My source at Monza said that 1st public showing of FXX K EVO could take place at Ferrari’s 2017 Finali Mondial end of year celebration which will take place from 26 – 29 October at the Mugello racetrack

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Stay tuned…

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