Ferrari (NYSE:RACE), “A Hybrid V8 is Coming For 2019”

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE), “A Hybrid V8 is Coming For 2019”

Ferrari (NYSE:RACE), “A Hybrid V8 is Coming For 2019”


Emissions laws require the hybrid engines are the wave of the future, even for Ferrari (NYSE:RACE)

Hybrid engines can deliver massive amounts of horsepower and performance while also complying with emissions standards, something that Ferrari knows a whole lot about

The being the case it looks like a Ferrari hybrid V8 is in the near future.

Speaking with press recently, the Italian outfits boss, Sergio Marchionne, gave some hints about what could be the 1st hybrid production-ready Ferrari since the LaFerrari.

From the story:

“A Ferrari V8 hybrid is coming for Y 2019. The test mules are around now,” Mr. Marchionne confirmed.

Mr. Marchionne claims that the new powertrain “needs to become more of a traditional hybrid than the LaFerrari to fulfill a different role.”

“We will embrace electrification. It will become a mainstay in our portfolio,” Marchionne went on to say. Despite this, he also confirmed that more Ferraris powered solely by internal combustion engines will be launched in the coming year.

There is no word on how much power the hybrid V8 will make, or, what car Ferrari will put it in. Most likely, it will probably come in the upcoming Ferrari FUV.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 124.32 12 March 2018 -0.39 124.6 124.92 124.09 414,200
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Neutral (0.15) Neutral (-0.10) Bullish (0.44) Neutral (0.11)

Stay tuned…

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