Ferrari News: Ultimate Dream Cars

Ferrari News: Ultimate Dream Cars

Ferrari News: Ultimate Dream Cars


Ultimate Dream Cars is now selling, buying, storing and restoring Ferrari’s in Wellington.

Ferrari’s are very rare. While large car companies make several thousand cars per day, Ferrari makes around 5,000 per year. The rarest models had very small production numbers. For example, the #1 highest priced car sold at auction, the 250 GTO, had two series for a total of just 39 cars. However, Ferrari is a very well-known brand worldwide. Perhaps the most well-known brand in the world, Ferrari has the enviable position of making a very rare product that everyone knows.

Next year, Ferrari celebrates its 70th Anniversary. for the milestone event the iconic Italian sports and Supercar maker came up with 70 different liveries, aka paint jobs to celebrate it.

Below are several of them, for the complete showing go to Ferrari 7oth Anni Line-up

Ferrari has created 350 Special edition cars. To begin, it is taking 5 of its current model: the California T, the 488 GTB, the 488 Spider, the F12berlinetta and the GTC4Lusso, and customize them with over 70 different liveries that honor the most famous Ferrari cars and drivers.

Each livery will be seen on more than 1 car, but there will not be 2 of the same car with the same livery.

Ferrari says that these images are just to give you an idea, and that the finished cars might be different. Also, be warned that some of these barely pass as “liveries” and are more just “a color.”

The one pictured above is inspired by the Ferrari 125 S, the 1st official racing sports car built by Enzo Ferrari in Y 1947. It is of course the 125S Red.

This 1 pay homage to the 195 S Touring berlinetta, which is Mediterranean Blue.
This is my favorite LeMans Blue.
Modeled after the 195 Inter Touring coupé, silvery Gold 1st made for Roberto Rossolini
This car is modeled after one driven by Pierre Louis-Dreyfus. He raced at Le Mans 11X, was a French Resistance fighter in World War II, and then he was CEO of a large company. Also, if his name sounds familiar, that is because he’s the grand-father of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Yes, That Julia Louis-Dreyfus from the Veep.
Darker Red.
Ivory is an underrated color for a car. But I am not fond of it on a Ferrari, I liked in on my 1960 Buick Convertible though.
This one is inspired by the 1953 340 MM Spider Vignale, funny, mine was Red.
Inspired by the 1953 Ferrari 375 MM Pinin Farina Spyder
A brown Prancing Stallion, strange.
Maranello says this car is painted just like one driven by a Dominican named Porifirio Rubirosa. His Wikipedia page says that “his Playboy lifestyle was matched by stories of his sexual prowess. Parisian waiters to name gigantic pepper mills “Rubirosas” in his honor.
This color is called Grigio Ingrid. This is that color, named for Ingrid Bergman
Ferrari says this 1 is like Gianni Agnelli’s car. They say that this livery is “particularly unusual.”

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