Ferrari F40 LM Supercar to Auction in Paris

Ferrari F40 LM Supercar to Auction in Paris


It’s hard to Top the Ferrari F40, but the F40 LM race car headed to the RM Sotheby’s (NYSE:BID) Paris auction in February is that Topper. 

This F40 LM was originally built as a pre-production car but was sold to former Le Mans and IMSA driver Rene Herzog in early Y 1992. Mr. Herzog was the man who shipped the car off for the LM-spec conversion, which included a larger turbocharger, advanced fuel injection, bigger intercoolers, and weight reduction. The F40 LM weighs only 2,314 lbs and produces 700+ horsepower.

After the LM conversion was complete, the car traded hands and was sold to Charles Zuger. Then to French Pilot-Aldix team for use in the BPR Global GT Series.

Then came Le Mans 1995, the F40 LM qualified in 7th place and 2nd in the GT1 class. Repainted in French Racing Blue, the car challenged McLaren F1s on the track, but ultimately, placed 12th overall and 6th in the GT1 class.

It would be the best finishes the F40 LM took during its time in full racing mode. The car retired from the racing circuit in Y 1996 and was sold, its current owner purchased it in Y 2008.

The original transmission and spare set of tires come with this Supercar, and the F40 LM is ready to run in vintage racing events.

The RMSotheby’s added that the car was serviced last year and the F40 LM is ready for it new owner come 6 February.

Have a terrific week.

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