Ferrari F12Berlinetta Production Comes to an End, No More Orders

Ferrari F12Berlinetta Production Comes to an End, No More Orders

Ferrari F12Berlinetta Production Comes to an End, No More Orders


The “Can not order new F12 anymore” thread is exactly what it sounds like.

Several members of the “chat” have posted about how their local Ferrari dealership cannot take any more F12Berlinetta  orders, this word is coming directly from the factory in Maranello.

Now this may just been idle forum chatter, but where the is “smoke there is fire” with this group of well heeled and connected Ferrari aficionados.

A followed up call with Ferrari learned that a production end date has not been set and that deliveries will continue throughout Y 2016. Nothing said about beyond.

Is Ferrari Really Telling Dealers To Stop Taking Orders For The F12berlinetta?

This is what we would expect from Ferrari.

There is not marketing reason why the factory would let members of an owners forum break that kind of news.

That said, I believe the FerrariChat members when they say that the F12Berlinetta is on the way out. It makes sense given that the car will be 5 years old in Y 2017, a nice run for the model 

The F12Berlinetta has been well-received and will likely get the same treatment the FF did and continue with a restyle and a new name.

To be fair F12Berlinetta is a strange name since berlinetta in Italian means “little limousine”, that  hardly fits this exciting Supercar, there is no back seating with a division.

How about just plain F12.

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Stay tuned…
Paul Ebeling
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