Ferrari: The DNA of the World’s Most Influential Brand is Racing

Ferrari: The DNA of the World’s Most Influential Brand is Racing

Ferrari: The DNA of the World’s Most Influential Brand is Racing


The entire DNA of the most influential in the world, Ferrari, comes from the race track.

Enzo Ferrari founded Scuderia Ferrari to build race cars, it was later he decide to create road cars to fund his racing operation

Ferraris as luxurious they are have core features that are birthed from the field of high-speed competition, especially Formula One racing.

A Key example is its modern Steering Wheel.

A Ferrari owner is surrounded in the finest leather and materials, but his/her hands grip a Steering Wheel that is designed to encourage focus on what truly matters in a street Ferrari motoring down the road.


Take the “Manettino”, it means “little switch” in Italian and that looks like what it is, it enables the driver to control driving modes without the hands being forced to stray far from the Steering Wheel.


A Ferrari F1 Steering Wheel is much more complex, but the message is the same Hands on the wheel.

To datem Ferrari is the only team to have reacted to the single paddle gearshift requirement Formula 1 was hit with at the start of the season.

The FIA, keen to put the controls back into the drivers’ hands, issued a technical directive last year, stipulating that for Y 2016 the clutch could only be operated by a single mechanism  and a single hand when moving away from the start.

Ferrari’s reaction was to change its Steering Wheel design with immediacy, taking away erroneous controls and replacing them with a design that better facilitates its needs.

So, Ferrari replaced the quadruple paddle clutch arrangement used in last year’s design with a large singular paddle.

It has a much longer throw, giving Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen a lot more modulation with which to control the clutch in the F1 racer.

The 3D animation details the changes made by Ferrari for the Y 2016 season, along with looking at the differences between Messrs Vettel and Raikkonen’s wheels.

For a comparison to see how different Ferrari’s design in, Nico Rosberg’s wheel still features the twin paddle clutch arrangement underneath the gear shifters.

While just 1 paddle is responsible for the clutch, the engineers disabled the other paddles to stop the driver from engaging it by mistake when under the pressure of a race start.

The other teams are are expected react sooner rather than later, making changes not only to the Steering Wheel mechanism as Ferrari did, but also to the clutch assembly that something MercedesAMG has already asked DaimlerBenz for assistance on.

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