This Ferrari 330 P4 Rendering May Offend Purist

This Ferrari 330 P4 Rendering May Offend Purist

This Ferrari 330 P4 Rendering May Offend Purist


No name in the automotive history book is too much of an icon to escape the world wide web’s pixel chop trend and the latest machine to have entered the world of oddball renderings is the Ferrari 330 P4.

Digital artist Khyzyl Saleem has decided to give a P4 the stanced treatment and you can see the result. The famous racecar now packs an air suspension that allows it to get closer to the asphalt underneath it than ever before.

And, in the purest slammed spirit, the circuit monster now rides on wheels that perfectly follow the styling used by many members of the slammed community.

A 330 P4 on air perhaps. Only changed the RH [ride height] and Wheels, if I wanted to go crazy, I would have haha,” Khyzyl said on his Facebook page.

We have to agree with the final part of the pixel wielder’s message, given the fact that the transformation we see here is one of the tamest delivered by the artist.

However, while some of the man’s renderings can have real-world equivalents (here’s a Porsche 911 hot rod example for you: rendering Vs. real deal, the one we have here will not motor over to your local Cars and Coffee event too soon.

That is because Ferrari only built four units of the 330 P4 back in Y 1967.

The Stallion was aimed at stealing the Le Mans glory of the Ford GT40 and while it did not hit its target, the Maranello racecar did bring its maker the World Sportscar Championship, occupying the entire podium of the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona race.

We’ve brought along a video that gives you a taste of just how delicious this Prancing Horse can be. It is worth noting that the Petrolicious-provided footage shows the 330 P4 getting hooned back in Y 2014, and you might be surprised to find out that the V12 racer can be very forgiving on the track.

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By Andrei Tutu 

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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