Ferrari 250GTO Worth More Than Its Weight In Gold

Ferrari 250GTO Worth More Than Its Weight In Gold


Gold long considered as 1 of the best, most stable, safe-haven investments has made a lot of investors rich.

But, now it can officially take a back seat to certain Ferrari Vintage and Classic cars.

The most prized classic of them all, the Ferrari 250GTO, has officially become worth more than its weight in Gold.

On 4 January 2019, the price of Gold finished at $1285.60 oz on about $45.00 a gram.

Last August a 1962 Ferrari 250GTO became the most expensive car ever sold at auction after fetching $48,405,000 at RM Sotheby’s Monterey sale in August, including fees

The 250 GTO weighs approximately 1940 lbs.

If you take number convert it to kilograms and do the math, you will find that the 250GTO referred to is worth $55.00/gram, significantly more than the price of Gold.

Not all 250GTOs are valued at roughly $50-M, but based on current market trends, we would not surprised to see other examples trading hands for in excess of $50-M in the near to mid term. Higher in the long term.

The 250GTOs will hold their value and other rare Ferraris will follow the price trend North.

Have a terrific weekend.

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