Feminist Anti Trump Girl Gets Abusive – Overview

Feminist Anti Trump Girl Gets Abusive – Overview

Feminist Anti Trump Girl Gets Abusive – Overview

Let’s talk about the girl who tried to accuse an elderly Trump Supporter for touching her inappropriately and even tried to throw a punch at him. Straight after the young anti trump feminist tried to assault the elderly man, a younger man stepped in and pepper-sprayed the girl.

Girl Pepper Sprayed For Trying To Assault Elderly Trump Supporter

A 15-year-old girl was allegedly groped before being pepper-sprayed by a man outside Donald Trump’s rally in Janesville, Wisconsin on Tuesday, local police said.

Footage shows the girl shoving a person in the huge crowd outside a Holiday Inn Express before appearing to punch someone and then being pepper-sprayed in the face.

Authorities say they are searching for two suspects related to the incident.

The teenager is seen in the midst of an altercation with a man, exclaiming “You f—–g touched me.”
A voice in the crowd responds, “I never touched her.”

The girl was later taken to hospital to along with a 19-year-old woman who received second-hand spray.
Police said they are investigating the incident.

Although this shouldn’t be taken to extreme lengths considering the fact that if roles were switched, and a man was pepper sprayed for throwing a punch, that same man would be arrested.

Why is it that we let people so young have a say in how the government is run? We let young “feminist”, drug using, drop outs help us shape this world. People who don’t have a deep enough understanding of how the economy even works, let alone what the three uses of money are. It’s the truth.

In the clip you just watched, you see gender equality at its finest, something men and women have pushed society towards for years. But what about chivalry? What about never hitting a woman? What about treating women like women, buying flowers, carrying the bags? Why are we taking it so far that if any gesture considered chivalrous can also be harassment. Ladies, it’s okay to be strong an independent, and gentleman, try to respect when a woman says “no” and pick up on the fact maybe she’s not the type to roam sunflower covered fields in a matching dress.

Now to deal with the Anti Trump Supporters, the ones who can’t seem to get it through their head that he is our new president.

If your against the Muslim travel ban; Trumps Muslim Travel ban has proven to be highly effective, and if we compare the United States to any other Muslim friendly country, we see results. London particularly has been a hot spot for terrorist attacks, bombing, stabbings, and Europe for rape victims.

If your against Trumps Illegal immigration policy; Trump’s attempt to restrict ‘illegal’ immigration, will also be in favour of Americans. Nothing is done out of racism, the new president, fortunately, isn’t afraid of being considered morally wrong. President Trump takes on a lot of heat for the country, and it will soon pay off as he stabilizes the economy.

This has been a quick overview, with answers to address any comments that were made regarding the video.

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