FEMA Flood Insurance Expert to Answer Property Owners Questions

FEMA Flood Insurance Expert to Answer Property Owners Questions

FEMA Flood Insurance Expert to Answer Property Owners Questions

If you are among the many Staten Islanders (NYC) who have questions about your home’s flood insurance policy, you can get those questions answered at a forum of experts on Thursday, 30 June

Rep. Daniel Donovan is hosting the event in conjunction with Council Minority Leader Steven Matteo in the gymnasium at Monsignor Farrell High School from 6 to 9:00p EDT

Flood experts from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), staff from the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency and flood insurance agents will be on site to discuss changes to the federal flood insurance program and answer questions from property owners about their policies/premium increases.

Mr. Donovan made flood insurance reform a component of his campaign last year and has gotten a bill passed to end fraud in the types of damage reports used after Hurricane Sandy.

“I’ve been pressing FEMA to focus on how attached structures can defend against floods even though they can’t be elevated,” Mr. Donovan said. “Still, many policyholders don’t understand how the program works or what to expect in the next few years.”

A homeowner came into his office last month with a 75% increase in her flood insurance premium.

“We asked FEMA to take a look, and sure enough she was overcharged, FEMA cut her a $1,300 reimbursement check,” Donovan said. “Not everybody knows enough about flood insurance to recognize mistakes, though and that iswhy I asked FEMA to come out here, explain the program, and answer individual questions about individual properties.”

At 7:00p EDT Thursday, the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency will lead a presentation covering changes to flood insurance program, rate increases and elevation certificates.

All are welcome, No need to RSVP.


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