Federal Law Enforcement Backs “Law & Order” Sessions for AG

Federal Law Enforcement Backs “Law & Order” Sessions for AG

Federal Law Enforcement Backs “Law & Order” Sessions for AG

US President Elect Donald Trump’s pick for US Attorney General, US Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), has garnered the support from law enforcement officials.

Key people within the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the nation’s largest police union, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, the National Association of Police Organizations and the National Sheriff’s Association are now backing Senator Sessions.

Many law enforcement officials view Sen. Sessions as a traditional Law & Order style enforcement, who brings a “Police 1st” mentality to the US Justice Department (DOJ).

“We have about a 20-year relationship with Jeff Sessions from his time in the Senate on the Judiciary Committee and our members in Alabama who worked with him, both as state attorney general and a US Attorney, and the best way to sum it up is that we don’t have anything bad to say about Jeff Sessions,” FOP executive director Jim Pasco said.

“He has extraordinary insight into the demands and stresses of a police officer’s life and also has a real reverence for the rule of law. It sounds corny but it’s true, and that’s what our members pray for in a prosecutor.”

Mr. Pasco and others say he brings a totally different attitude to the DOJ.

“Early on, particularly during Obama’s 1st 4 years when Tom Perez was the assistant Attorney General for civil rights, there was a virtual jihad against police departments and practices,”Mr. Pasco said.

The NY-T’s reports that “Senator Sessions is expected to execute an about-face on the Obama Administration’s policies of immigration, criminal justice and  many critics fear civil rights.”

The newspaper added that Senator Sessions favors strong mandatory penalties for drug offenses and is convinced the government has grown soft on crime. In addition, he objects to what he sees as unwarranted criticism of police.

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