Fed Responsible for Q-1 Slowdown, Stifling Trump Economy

Fed Responsible for Q-1 Slowdown, Stifling Trump Economy


FLASH: Fed stifling The Trump Economy

The anti-Trump media is pointing to the economic slowdown, but economist Stephen Moore puts the blame on the Fed’s economist policy during our blockbuster Trump economy.

“I’m a little worried about the economy slowing down a little bit, but we still have a blockbuster economy,” Mr. Moore says. “If you look at the situation for workers today, it’s probably the best jobs market we’ve had in 50 years. We have 7-M more jobs today than workers to fill them. That’s an amazing statistic.”

Mr. Moore was talking about Friday’s disappointing job growth of just 20,000 jobs in Friday’s report.

“The latest report shows, the real unemployment rate number – it’s called U-6 – that fell to its lowest level in 20 years,” he said. “So, it’s a really good job market out there.”

Mr. Moore’s points the finger at the Fed for being a catalyst for this recent slow down of growth.

“There is this problem of employers finding the skilled workers, but also employers are getting a little bit nervous about where the economy is headed,” he said. “I’m a big believer that the Federal Reserve is probably the most responsible for the slow down of the economy in this Q-1.

“We saw how they wrecked the economy before Christmas when the stock market fell like 4000 points. And we are still feeling the residual effect of a very very tight money system.”

The Fed should have fed The Trump Effect instead of stifled it, Mr. Moore said.

“If you have a booming economy, you have to provide the dollar liquidity that will let the economy grow,” Mr. Moore concluded. “It’s like providing the oxygen for the economy, and the Fed is not doing that.”

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