FBI ‘Partisan’ Peter Strzok Must Be Sacked

FBI ‘Partisan’ Peter Strzok Must Be Sacked

FBI ‘Partisan’ Peter Strzok Must Be Sacked

An FBI agent whose anti-Trump text messages fueled suspicions of partisan bias arrogantly said at a bitterly contentious hearing in Congress Thursday that his work has never been tainted by politics, angrily rejecting Republican allegations that he set out to Stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

FBI agent Peter Strzok’s contentious testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Thursday shows he is a “partisan” witness who is toying with his interrogators, Jeffrey Lord, a columnist for The American Spectator said Thursday.

“In this particular situation, it’s crystal clear that Mr. Strzok is playing footsie with the other side, and the FBI is there to defend him. The point is, he is still at this minute, a partisan.”

Mr. Lord served as an associate political director under President Ronald Reagan.

Although Strzok has said through his lawyer that he was eager to tell his side of the story, he made clear his exasperation at being the focal point of a congressional hearing at a time when Russian election interference has been successfully “sowing discord in our nation and shaking faith in our institutions.”

“I have the utmost respect for Congress’s oversight role, but I truly believe that today’s hearing is just another victory notch in Putin’s belt and another milestone in our enemies’ campaign to tear America apart,” Mr. Strzok said. “As someone who loves this country and cherishes its ideals, it is profoundly painful to watch and even worse to play a part in.”

The Justice Department’s Inspector General has criticized Mr. Strzok and girlfriend Lisa Page for creating the appearance of impropriety through the texts. But the report said it found no evidence of political bias in the FBI’s decision not to pursue criminal charges against Mrs. Clinton. And many Democrats say actions taken by law enforcement during the campaign season including announcing a reopening of the investigation into Mrs. Clinton just days before the election actually wound up harming the Democratic candidate and aiding the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

FBI Director Chris Wray says employees singled out for criticism in the Inspector General’s report have been referred to internal disciplinary officials.

Mr. Strzok’s lawyer has said he was escorted from the FBI building last month as the disciplinary process winds its way through the system.

Ms. Page, who has also been subpoenaed, is expected to speak to lawmakers at a private meeting on Friday.

The Big Q: Where is the outrage about the FBI’s rationalizing partisan, corrupt, arrogant, illicit vigilantes who were dead set on derailing the will America’s voters in our Presidential Election, not to mention the extra marital affairs of love birds Strzok & Page?


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