FBI Dir. Comey Deflects Direct Questions on Fake Trump Dossier

FBI Dir. Comey Deflects Direct Questions on Fake Trump Dossier

FBI Dir. Comey Deflects Direct Questions on Fake Trump Dossier

Senators pressed FBI Director James Comey this week on a fake dossier that intelligence officials included in a classified report to former President Barack Hussein Obama days before President Donald Trump took office on 20 January.

Sources said Friday that Director Comey told senators in a classified session Wednesday that the considered the document, which included unconfirmed details about Donald Trump’s activities in Moscow years before, so significant that he included it in the classified report.

The FBI and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined to comment on a classified document, Fox reports.

The dossier was cited by the FBI in obtaining a FISA court warrant to access private communications of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, according to the report.

Mr. Page has slammed the dossier, denying its allegation that he was a Trump contact (spy) for Moscow.

Both Mr. Hussein Obama and President-elect Trump received copies of the report and the dossier in January.

The document had circulated around Washington since last October, when Mother Jones Magazine 1st reported that a former British spy had presented it to the FBI in August.

Wednesday, Senators pressed Director Comey on whether his agency had any ties to the former British spy, Christopher Steele, or his company, Fusion GPS.

“I know the name,” Director Comey said when questioned by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, deflecting the direct question.

He responded “I cannot say” when the Senator asked if Fusion GPS was part of Moscow’s intelligence operation, deflecting again.

The US Justice Department received a complaint against Fusion GPS this week alleging that the firm and its founder, Glenn Simpson, violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Joshua Levy, the company’s attorney, denied the accusation.

“Fusion GPS has complied with the law and was not required to register under FARA,” he said. “Nor has Fusion GPS ever been a Russian agent.

Allegations to the contrary are not true.”

Former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page dismissed a request from the Senate Intelligence Committee seeking information on his Russian contacts.

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