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Fashion Life Lesson To Relieve Decision Fatigue


Waking up in the morning an adult is set to have about 35,000 decisions to make throughout the day. That’s one busy day, and some of these decisions can cause us to become tired. So one of the biggest decisions us as women make everyday, and some men too, is what to wear. It make not impact your whole life if you make a right or wrong choice but you can’t deny the amount of stress we know everyone puts into looking good.

So here’s a quick fashion lesson on how to make everyday that little bit easier when you wake up.

Hyper Piece Clothing

Hyper piece clothing are those items in your closet that don’t go with everything. It’s those knee high boots that you bought because you saw Ariana Grande wearing them, it’s that tiny handkerchief top you bought because it’s the rage on Instagram right now, that latex bandage pencil skirt you bought because you were just feeling it. And your paring these impulse buys with your lazy comfy buys of flannel shirts, over-sized t-shirts, sweatpants, none of these go together, you were never buying outfits, you were buying clothes.

It’s time to put a little thought in it.

What Do You Need In Your Closet?

You need a pair of comfortable jeans that go with everything. Not ones that dig into your stomach or you need to keep adjusting, ones that fit you well. That can easily be an everyday item, and make sure to get it in black or a dark denim blue. White and light blue won’t go with everything.

Patterned clothing is definitely a hyper piece no matter how plain it looks. Because one pattern may not go with another and patterns surely give off the type of vibe your outfit should have and there it goes controlling your choices. Buy Less patterns, it’ll save you the headache of looking at your closet trying to find things.

You need to have options in your closet. So next time you go shopping and think about a purchase, thing to yourself if you have at least 3 things that piece will go with.

Watch the video below to learn more about dressing better. Apply what you learn!

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