Fake News War on Trump Intensifies

Fake News War on Trump Intensifies

Fake News War on Trump Intensifies

The Fake News War on Donald Trump is continuing to grow as America’s “Gang of Three” Clinton, Obama and Soros flex their media muscle.

Almost every news outlet in the world is filled with the conspiracy theories being spewed out by the Gang of Three.

There remains ZERO evidence Russia did anything in relation to influencing the US Election, Democrats are simply staging a coup by default. The media is the accomplice and American people are the suckers being fed fake news.

If America would like to vilify some political figures, Clinton and Obama are a good start.

Here are the basic lies, Russia influenced the election and/or hacked the DNC:

Well no, Clinton lost because she was a horrible and dishonest candidate.

Clinton has had the media lie for her before, CNN contributor and then adviser of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile was caught red-handed giving the Clinton campaign advanced notice of a CNN town hall question that she thought Clinton would have trouble with, the question was asked and Clinton had a scripted answer. Clinton’s campaign worked with a New York Times reporter “teeing up” stories for them, and had ABC’s George Stephanopoulos hammering home their talking points. The Boston Globe were caught helping Clinton’s team maximize her presence in New England during the primaries and CNBC’s John Harwood bragged to them about attacking Donald Trump during a Republican primary debate he moderated.

Clinton’s spokesman and former Justice Department staffer, had discussions with the DOJ about ongoing open records lawsuits requesting access to her emails while serving as secretary of state. In an email from May 2015, Mr. Fallon said that “DOJ folks” had “informed” him about the upcoming status conference in one of the lawsuits.

Clinton campaign Deputy Communications Director Kristina Schake had a tip-off from the State Department when they planned to release Mrs. Clinton’s Benghazi emails. Mrs. Clinton’s lawyer Heather Samuelson followed up on the tip, writing: “Latest: Still aiming for Friday, but potential it gets delayed until early next week because still moving through interagency review process. Will check back tomorrow and keep you posted. Quick update on this — DOS says the release of the 300 will likely happen on Thurs or Friday. Will keep you posted as I hear anything further on my end. Thx.”

Clinton insider Phillipe Reines in March 2015 discussed strategies to use as an excuse not to release all of her emails. It appeared to constitute a conscious effort of the Clinton camp to frustrate and delay a congressional subpoena.

Most disgusting of all Benghazi
US Amb. Stevens was sent to Benghazi post haste in order to retrieve US made Stinger missiles supplied to Ansar al Sharia without Congressional oversight or permission.

Secretary of Stare Hillary Clinton brokered the deal through Stevens and a private arms dealer named Marc Turi. Then some of the shoulder fired missiles ended up in Afghanistan used against our own military.

It was July 25th, 2012 when a Chinook helicopter was taken down by one of our own Stingers, but the idiot Taliban didn’t arm the missile and the Chinook didn’t explode, but had to land anyway.

An ordnance team recovered the serial number off the missile which led back to a cache of Stingers being kept in Qatar by the CIA. US President Barack Hussein Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were now in full panic mode and Amb. Stevens was sent in to retrieve the rest of the Stingers.

This a “do-or-die” mission, which explains the stand down orders given to multiple commando teams. It was the State Dept, not the CIA that supplied them to our sworn enemies, because General Petraeus would not supply these deadly weapons due to their potential use on commercial aircraft.

Then, Barack Hussein Obama threw Gen. Petraeus under the bus after he refused to testify that he OK’d the BS talking points about a spontaneous uprising due to a Youtube video.

Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton committed treason…and this is what the investigation is all about, why she had a private server, in order to delete the digital evidence, and why Mr. Obama, 2 weeks after the attack, told the UN that the attack was because of a Youtube video, even though everyone knew it was not.

Further, the Taliban knew that this administration aided and abetted the enemy without Congressional approval when Mr. Boehner created the Select Committee, and the Taliban began pushing the Obama Administration for the release of 5 Taliban Generals.

Private Bergdahl was a pawn…everyone knew and knows he was/is a traitor.

So we have a traitor as POTUS that is not only corrupt, but compromised…and a wild banshee of a woman that is a serial liar, perjured herself multiple times at the Congressional Hearing whom is running for President of the United States.

Only the Dems, with their hands out, palms up, will support her. Perhaps this is why no military aircraft was called in to rescue the Benghazi mission because the Obama Administration knew our enemies had Stingers, that Hillary gave them.

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S. Jack Heffernan Ph.D. Funds Manager at HEFFX holds a Ph.D. in Economics and brings with him over 25 years of trading experience in Asia and hands on experience in Venture Capital, he has been involved in several start ups that have seen market capitalization over $500m and 1 that reach a peak market cap of $15b. He has managed and overseen start ups in Mining, Shipping, Technology and Financial Services.