Fake News: ‘US Citizens Soon Will Need EU Visas to Travel There’

Fake News: ‘US Citizens Soon Will Need EU Visas to Travel There’

FLASH: American citizens will need visas to travel to the European Union starting in Y 2021 is Fake news!

By Y 2021, Americans traveling to certain countries in Europe will have to preregister online as part of a security system intended to screen visa-free travelers.

Currently, US citizens with a valid passport can visit Schengen countries and stay for up to 90 days without a visa, according to the State Department.

News outlets, including CNN, Esquire and Travel & Leisure, mistakenly reported this week that starting in Y 2021, US travelers will need a visa to visit Europe saying…

“And for those requiring visas buying the a 3 year visa online for a planned $7.90 fee will be “super quick and easy” and will allow Americans to travel freely throughout 26 European countries, though it does not include the UK and Ireland, according to an EU statement.

Travelers will need to receive confirmation by e-Mail before starting their trip so airlines can verify it. The system mirrors the US’s Electronic System for Travel Authorization, which has required foreign visitors who do not need a US visa to register online since Y 2009.”

Currently, US citizens do not need an EU visa for stays of less than 90 days. The EU approved its screening plan in Y 2018, saying it’ll help protect against terrorists.

Safe travels…

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