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Fake News Swirls Around the COVID-19 Vaccine Aimed at Lessening the Success of President Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’


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Despite the US FDA giving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine the Green Light, many false rumors are being spread about the drug by pundits within the MSM with the intent of minizmining President Trump policy to halt the virus and protect American citizens from the disease.

According to one recent poll, just 50% of US adults say they are ready when the time comes to get their shots.

Many are worried about the safety of the drug, in part because it was developed in record time under President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, a real medical miracle.

Medical experts say that 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity and contain the virus.

According to Eat This, Not That!, Dr. Onyema Ogbuagu, an infectious disease expert from Yale Medicine, set out to debunk many of the falsehoods surrounding the vaccine to allay public fears.

Let us dispel some rumors especially because misinformation about COVID-19 can cost lives,” he said.

Dr. Ogbuagu declared the following:

  • The efficacy results were faked for political reasons. He notes that the maddening chaos of the 2020 Presidential Election caused many to believe that President Trump faked data results. The 95% effectiveness of the vaccine is based on real data. The vaccine is the 1st in the country to use the genetic technology mRNA instead of viral components which helped speed its development process.
  • The vaccine will alter your DNA. Not so, the mRNA vaccine is not integrated into recipient’s genome.
  • The medical profession is involved in a conspiracy. NutZ, the rumors about everyone from Dr. Anthony Fauci to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention being part of a huge vaccine conspiracy are false. Researchers are not conspirators.
  • Bill Gates does not have plans to implant trackable microchips via the vaccine. He may have other plans though.
  • According to experts the vaccine does not sterilize women and while the vaccine was not tested on pregnant women in clinical trials, there has been no real-life evidence that the virus interrupts real-life pregnancies. But, while pregnant women may be at slightly more risk of severe illness from COVID-19, there has been no data on complications or miscarriages yet.

Remember, President Trump; Promises made, promises kept.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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