“Fake News” from Barack Hussein Obama

“Fake News” from Barack Hussein Obama

“Fake News” from Barack Hussein Obama

US President Barack Obama has ordered intelligence officials to conduct a broad review on his alleged election-season hacking during the Presidential campaign, in his lame duck attempt to raise new concerns about foreign meddling in US elections.

White House counter terrorism and Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco said Mr. Obama ordered officials to report on the hacking of Democratic officials’ e-Mail accounts and alleged Russia’s involvement.

The report is due to be submitted to him before he leaves office on 20 January. Ms. Monaco did not say if the report would be made public.

The DNC and the failed Clinton Campaign, and some Obama Admin intelligence officials have publicly accused Russia of being behind the breaches as part of an effort to interfere with the US Presidential campaign.

In the months leading up to the election, e-Mail accounts of Democratic party officials and Hillary Clinton’s Key campaign aide were breached, e-Mails leaked to Wikileaks and embarrassing and private e-Mails posted online.

Many Democrats have said that the hacking benefited Republican Donald Trump’s bid. During the campaign, Donald Trump says that he does not believe that Russia was involved.

Do not expect anything substantial to come into view.

Barack Hussein Obama’s preaching of identity politics lost the Democrats their ability to win national elections, and locking them out of the White House for a generation.

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