Fact: Most Entrepreneurs Do Not Know How to Get Meetings with People that are Really Busy

Fact: Most Entrepreneurs Do Not Know How to Get Meetings with People that are Really Busy

Fact: Most Entrepreneurs Do Not Know How to Get Meetings with People that are Really Busy

In this do a favor for a friend or colleague culture people try to help each other without asking for anything in return.

If you have been around and in business since the 1960’s and 1970’s you have literally thousands of close, once, twice and 3X removed contacts and people who when they get ideas want to meet up and talk. Likely you have more request that you are able to manage.

So, you have to figure out a way to sort out who to take meetings with, this is what I do, as follows:

Big Q 1: What is the offering?

Our firm can be an investor, and I am an analyst. So I take meetings with entrepreneurs for deal flow. And I can offer advice.

I really like to have Organic Coffee Shop Meetings, and in that setting I can often sort the wheat from the shaft in an enjoyable way.

Of course there are money, and stock offers, but the Key reason is to learn something I do not know.

This is what gets me, Hi Paul, I’d like to have coffee, bounce an idea around, and I will tell you all about what we learned about ___” That gets a Organic Coffee Shop Meeting with me.

The offer of teaching me something changes the reason for the meeting from a 1-Way, you are learning from me, to a 2-Way, we we are learning from each other, that is compelling stuff.

An offer to share what a entrepreneur has learned about a technology, market or industry is a reason to meet and discuss.

That approach increase the odds in any situation when asking for time from really busy people,  whether analysts, adventurists, executives or retired entrepreneurs/advisers.

The “Take-Away”

  • Wanting to have Coffee is an ask for a favor
  • Offering to share knowledge is a sharing of ideas experience
  • Do it, your odds of getting a meeting will increase
  • Plus the meetings will be more productive
  • Be sure to drink Organic Coffee, it starts things off right

Have a terrific week

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