Fact: Economic Growth Under Barack Hussein Obama was ‘Terrible’

Fact: Economic Growth Under Barack Hussein Obama was ‘Terrible’

Fact: Economic Growth Under Barack Hussein Obama was ‘Terrible’

Former US President Barack Hussein Obama was horrible for economic growth in Y 2016 the data shows.

The US economy grew just 1.6% in Mr. Obama’s last year in office, a mark that puts the Obama Presidency in last place among 13 post-World War II Presidents when it comes to growth.

Herbert Hoover is the only president with a worse economic record since Y 1930.

Mr. Hussein Obama inherited a struggling economy as the Great Recession began just 2 months before he took office in Y 2008.

Growth under Mr. Hussein Obama averaged less than 1.5% annually, the economy also gained low paying jobs every month after February 2010.

Glenn Hubbard, the former Chairman of President George W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers, said Mr. Hussein Obama’s record was “much more mixed with a continued highly regulatory approach that I think has slowed US economic growth.” Which worked to hobble the economy, as if by design.

At the beginning perhaps there was a lot of effort, although some misplaced, and over time, it became worse and the economy faltered under Mr. Hussein Obama’s leadership.

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