Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) CEO in Awe of Team Trump’s Social Media Marketing

Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) CEO in Awe of Team Trump’s Social Media Marketing

Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) CEO In Awe of Team Trump’s Social Media Marketing


Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) insiders were in awe of Donald Trump’s campaign marketing on the social media platform, and viewed it as 1 of the most imaginative strategies ever.

According to reports, CEO Mark Zuckerberg put in a secret call after the election to congratulate Team Trump on its blockbuster campaign.

Facebook considered the Trump Campaign an “innovator” of a fast-moving, test-oriented approach to marketing, and used those methods to refine its own marketing model.

“In reality, Facebook loved us during the campaign,” Gary Coby, the Y 2016 Trump campaign director of digital advertising and fundraising and RNC director of advertising said. “Their team was heavily involved because it was a great learning experience and Hillary’s team was not doing much.”

Facebook was mightily impressed with the campaign: “Their team showered tons of praise on our team.”

But Trump 2016 campaign digital director Brad Parscale, who is now serving as President Trump’s Y 2020 campaign manager, groused about Facebook not being more upfront about the winning strategy.

“I’m completely disappointed that Facebook will not step up and announce to the world how well we used the platform and that we changed the way Facebook advertising will work in the future,” he sad.

“While we offer insights into how our products work and provide technical support, campaigns make their own decisions about how to use our tools,” Katie Harbath, Facebook’s global politics and government outreach director said.

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