Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Fades, as Teens Migrate to YouTube

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Fades, as Teens Migrate to YouTube

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Fades, as Teens Migrate to YouTube


YouTube is dominating social media use among teenagers, as Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) fades from popularity, according to a new survey.

APew Research Center survey shows that 85% of US teens, ages 13 to 17, use YouTube, compared with 72% for the Facebook-owned Instagram and 69% for Snapchat.

Use of the main Facebook service is at 51% among teens, down from 71% in a 2014-2015 Pew survey. Pew did not speculate on a reason for the fall, though historically, teens often shun services once they become mainstream, and used by their parents.

Pew also says 95% of teens now have a smartphone or access to 1, up from 73% during the prior survey.

Pew also notes that 45% of teens say they use the Internet “almost constantly,” nearly 2X from the previous survey.

Many experts worry about the use of social media by younger users, though much of the criticism has been directed at pre-teen audiences, including a version of Facebook Messenger designed for kids.

Pew researchers say there is no clear consensus among teens on whether these services are good or bad for them.

Nearly 50% of teens believe social media use has a neutral impact, while 31% said it has a positive impact and 24% describe it as negative.

Released this week, the survey of 743 teens was conducted 7 March to 10 April, and has a margin of sampling error of + or – 5%.

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