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Face Masks Do Not Prevent the Spread of The China Virus in Airline Settings

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The notion that a young child would be able to comply with the detailed instructions for wearing a mask is beyond unreasonable, seeing how a vast majority of adults cannot even follow them” — Paul Ebeling

  • A family was recently booted off a United Airlines flight because the couple’s 2-yr-old daughter refused to wear a face mask
  • Research overwhelmingly shows face masks do not prevent the spread of viral infection in community settings. What’s more, to get what little benefit you can from a mask, you have to put it on, wear and remove it properly, which young children cannot do
  • Young children are insignificant disease vectors as they rarely test positive or spread SARS-CoV-2 infection
  • According to Delta Airlines (NYSE:DAL) CEO Ed Bastian, nearly 700 people have been placed on the company’s no-fly list since May 2020 for refusing to wear a face mask when flying with them.
  • Consider “defunding” companies that strictly enforce unscientific COVID-19 rules.
  • Do not fly with airlines that boot children off for mask infractions

Readers Digest published “11 Mistakes You’re Probably Making with Face Masks,” reviewing all the ways in which you might nullify the mask’s benefit.

One Key way by which one negates the benefit of a mask is by touching it. Yet people are constantly fiddling with their masks as they fall down or shift on their face as they talk or move around.

A young child is even more likely to contaminate the mask beyond the point of it providing any benefit whatsoever.

More importantly, young children are insignificant disease vectors, meaning they rarely test positive or spread the infection.

This makes kicking that family off the airplane all the more egregious. In truth, the smartest person in this whole affair is the child who refused to comply.

Interestingly fact, in May 2020, United Airlines’ COVID-19 policy stressed the need to avoid confrontation. So, then the flight attendant/s in this case voided the company policy.

The Big Q: What is the answer?

The Big A: No federal assistance to airline companies that strictly enforce these unscientific rules. And do not fly with airlines that kick children off for mask infractions.

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith, things will be back to normal in Y 2021!

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