F1: Watching Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) at the Canadian Grand Prix

F1: Watching Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) at the Canadian Grand Prix

F1: Watching Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) at the Canadian Grand Prix


F1 is back in North American for the Canadian GP at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, a 2.709-mile or 4.361-kilometer power-intensive circuit, is set to be faster this weekend with the addition of a 3rd DRS zone and the testing of new upgrades by the racing teams.

In this 7th race of the season, the spotlight will be on Lewis Hamilton this weekend as he attempts to match Ferrari’s Schumacher’s wins record in the Canadian Grand Prix, and on Red Bull Racing Daniel Ricciardo’s struggle with a grid penalty levied after his Monaco victory 2 weeks ago

Also, there will be focus on engine upgrades and what’s going on with Pirelli’s hyper-soft tires. It will be an interesting weekend.

Ferrari have added an engine upgrade to their Canada to-do list. The Scuderia say the upgrade will add an additional 20 hp.

Pirelli’s use of the hyper-soft tires will definitely be a talking point, as even at the Circuit de Monaco, the least power-needy circuit in F1, teams were hesitant to use the Pink-striped tire. How the hypersoft tires hold up in practice and qualifying will determine their future as a potential race tire.

F1’s 4X world champions Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton with Mr. Hamilton holding a narrow points lead over Ferrari’s lead driver.

Notably, Mr. Hamilton performs well at the Canadian Grand Prix having won it 6X, and 1 more win and he will match Michael Schumacher’s wins record there.

Mr. Hamilton heads into the weekend at a slight disadvantage, as MercedesAMG delayed their engine upgrade, now set to debut in the French Grand Prix.

So, with Key rivals Ferrari, and Red Bull Racing bringing their power upgrades to Canada, the Big Q is  can Mr. Hamilton beat while using the engine he has used since the Australian Grand Prix opener?

One more thing, overtaking

The new DRS zone for the Canadian Grand Prix will be between turn 7 and 8 and F1 executives hope that it will liven up the racing action.

Here are the highlights of last years race.

Free practice will take place throughout the day Friday, and qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix will be Saturday at 2:00p. EDT, with Sunday’s race scheduled to start at 2:00p EDT.

Tune in

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