F1: US Grand Prix 2018, Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen Wins Spectacular Race

F1: US Grand Prix 2018, Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen Wins Spectacular Race

F1: US Grand Prix 2018, Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen Wins Spectacular Race


Sunday, under a bright Texas Sun Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) kept its title hopes alive at USA Grand Prix, as Kimi Raikkonen won the race and Sebastian Vettel finished in 4th place to stop Lewis Hamilton and MercedesAMG from claiming the championships.

Mr. Hamilton appeared to be on his way to the title when Mr. Vettel spun out on a shunt with Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Riccardo, but Ferrari’s tactics proved superior, as Mr. Hamilton was forced into a 2nd pit stop that saw Mr. Raikkonen and Max Verstappen move ahead of him.

Mr. Vettel got past Valtteri Bottas late in this race and Daniel Ricciardo retired again with an engine failure. For Mr. Raikkonen, the Top step on the podium was long overdue.

Ferrari celebrated the win, but Mr. Hamilton increased his championship lead over Mr. Vettel to 70 points. With a maximum of 75 points still available, Mr. Vettel needs a start winning again big time to get past his Key rival.

Mr. Raikkonen made a perfect start to the race for The Scuderia, and shot past Mr. Hamilton into the lead in Turn 1, while Mr. Vettel just about managed to keep his spot after he was forced wide. Then he and Mr. Ricciardo engaged, made contact and Mr. Vettel spun out.

The Virtual Safety Car gave Mr. Hamilton the chance to pit for fresh tires.

All eyes were on Mr. Vettel who dropped to 15th place to put Mr. Hamilton in a title-winning position which he failed to accomplish Sunday.

Mr. Bottas moved out of the way for Mr. Hamilton to put his team-mate back into 2nd place, running much faster than Mr. Raikkonen. Mr. Vettel moved from 15th to 5th, but had 10 secs to make up on Mr. Verstappen in 4th.

Here is the final result courtesy of F1.

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The F1 season will continue next Sunday with the Mexican GP.


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