F1: United States Grand Prix 2017 Preview

F1: United States Grand Prix 2017 Preview

F1: United States Grand Prix 2017 Preview


F1’s annual event at the Circuit of The Americas is this weekend

A win for MercedesAMG’s Lewis Hamilton Sunday at the United States Grand Prix and a poor result for his rival, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel may clinch the title with 3 races left to run.

To entice more people to attend events live in Texas, F1 hosts concerts during race weekends, and now offers ride-alongs using 2-seater show cars.

Usain Bolt will be the official starter for Sunday’s United States Grand Prix.

Mr. Bolt, world’s fastest man, will give the signal for the world’s fastest drivers to start their formation lap at Austin.

The 8X Olympic champion, who retired from athletics following the London 2017 World Athletics Championships, is also set to be driven around the Circuit of the Americas by championship leader Lewis Hamilton in the build-up to the Grand Prix.

Mr. Bolt is one of a number of big names F1’s American owners Liberty Media are using over the weekend for their 1st home Grand Prix.

As part of a pre-race build-up, legendary boxing announcer Michael Buffer will introduce each driver to the grid Sunday.

The FIA have granted special dispensation for the usual race start procedure to be altered so cars can leave the pit lane 15 mins early to make their way to the grid so that Mr. Buffer’s introductions can be accommodated.

“I’ve been involved in some of the biggest sporting events around the world and have introduced most of the greatest boxers of the modern era, and now is my time to introduce the world’s finest racing drivers,” Mr. Buffer said.

“They are the stars of the show and I want to introduce them with the energy and adrenalin they deserve before they fire up their engines and get ready to race.”

Liberty Media has delayed Saturday’s Qualifying session by 2 hours in an attempt to encourage more fans to remain at the circuit for a Justin Timberlake Concert in the evening.

Having initially been scheduled to get underway at 2:00p CDT, the qualifying hour has been pushed back to 4:00p CDT.

Sunday’s race could see both World Championships decided.

Mr. Hamilton will claim his 4th world title if he outscores Sebastian Vettel by 16 points and team-mate Valtteri Bottas by 3 points, while MercedesAMG will win their 4th consecutive Constructors’ Championship if they collect 17 more points than Ferrari.

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Enjoy the racing this weekend.




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